Our team

Adrián and Raúl are two computer engineers who started their professional career in the same large consulting firm without their paths crossing. As chance would have it, they met years later in a startup company where they ended up working side by side.


Adrián Martín-Caro

Adrián is a computer engineer with extensive experience in software development for diverse sectors such as industry and telecommunications. He runs Abarsys and stands out for his customer orientation and his knowledge of the Java platform. His favorite leisure activity is chess.


Raul Baras

Raúl is a software engineer skilled in functional analysis and leadership of development teams. He has worked on projects for banking entities, communication groups, public administrations, industries and service startups, among others. In his spare time he likes drawing and writing thriller short stories.

When necessary, the team is complemented with external collaborators or client resources.

Being small makes us great

Our experience has proven that small teams often get better results, make decisions more quickly and adapt to changes more easily.

A small size allows us to keep our costs down and focus on what matters most to us: doing a great job for our clients.

Small team

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If you like technology, designing or programming, at Abarsys you can explore your passions and develop your talent as part of a dynamic team.

We value professionals who enjoy teamwork, who take care of the details and feel comfortable with teleworking. Tell us what you are good at.

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